Thursday, December 11, 2008

- Christ-Centered Meditation - Recommendation

The Better Part: A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer
by Fr John Bartunek

No one who is learning or desires to learn to pray more deeply and meditate more effectively on the person and work of Christ should go without this book. It offers a basic but at the same time sufficiently comprehensive overview of how to meditate in the Christian tradition (no New Age or Hindu/Buddhist influences here.)

Beyond the solid instruction on meditation method, Father John provides us with meditations through the four Gospels.

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Table of Contents (Partial):

Gods Idea of Prayer
Christian Prayer - Eminently Christ-Centered
Christian Prayer - Intensely Personal

Types of Prayer
Vocal Prayer
Meditative Prayer
Contemplative Prayer
Meditation vs. Spiritual Reading

Four Step Structure of Meditation

Difficulties in Prayer
Sloth and Distractions
Solving the Difficulties
How Do I Know I'm Praying Well?

Meditation Units
Gospel of St. Matthew
Gospel of St. Mark
Gospel of St. Luke
Gospel of St. John

If you want to deepen your relationaship with Christ by learning to meditate on Christ through timeless and authentic Catholicism, this is the best way I know to start.

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