Saturday, December 13, 2008

About This Blog and FAQ

The purpose of this blog and related resources is to serve you in your journey to and with God. If you are like many Catholics who desire a deeper relationship with Christ and His church, you have probably discovered that the paths to pursuing that relationship are not always clearly illuminated. Thus this humble effort. Our desire is bring greater light to His path and to serve you in your search for greater depth in Him.

That said, no blog, book, or retreat can take the place of healthy Spiritual Direction. Instead, these tools help us form healthy perspectives and improve our opportunities to grow in faith and to participate in the important work of our journey to God.
What you will find here:
  • Questions and Answers about Spiritual Direction
  • Perspective on Spiritual Direction
  • Perspective on Prayer and other Matters Relating to Our Spiritual Growth
  • Book and Resource Reviews
  • Links to Resources for Further Spiritual Development

The source of the content will come from several places:

  1. Father John Bartunek - Father John signs all of his posts even though they are posted on the blog by Dan Burke on his behalf. Father John's content will specifically focus on direct questions and answers about the spiritual life and spiritual direction. To learn more about him, take a look at a summary bio on lower right side of each page.
  2. Other Priests, Spiritual Directors, and Authors: Other authors may provide content as requested - these will also be signed by them at the bottom of each post though Dan Burke will show as the person who published the post.
  3. Dan Burke - Dan manages the mechanics of the blog and related technologies and provides lay perspective on spiritual direction and related topics. If the post is not signed by a particular priest or author it is safe to assume it came from him. You can find out more about Dan at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I donate to this effort?
A: Help us reach and serve one million Catholics by 2012 with the life changing riches of Christ found in authentic Catholic spirituality!  The blog is just a small part of a larger effort to connect with on-line Catholics who desire to deepen their faith.  If you would like to know more, we have a complete "Serving Catholics through Social Networking" document that we would love to share with you in conjunction with a phone conversation.  To find out more, send an email to  Please be sure to include your name, phone number, and the best time to reach you.  We look forward to speaking with you!

Q: Does this blog reflect any particular spirituality?
A: No.  Our content reflects Carmelite, Ignatian, Carthusian, and many other rich spritiual traditions of the Church.  We will only provide content that is faithful to the magisterium of the Church and is benefitial to our readers.

Q: What does "RC" stand for in "RCSpiritualDirection?"
A: RC stands for "Roman Catholic" as reflected in the name of the blog, "Catholic Spiritual Direction."  When we searched for the name "CatholicSpiritualDirection" as a blog URL, it was unavailable, thus the need to use "RC" in place of "Catholic."

We are committed to providing insight that is firmly and faithfully rooted in the magisterial authority and teaching of the Catholic Church.

Blessings to you in your journey to God!

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