Saturday, December 27, 2008

- Spiritual Progress – Recommendation

Spiritual Progress: Becoming the Christian You Want to Be

by Father Thomas Williams

This book is for beginners… but in the broadest sense. It is for rank beginners, for whom the idea of spiritual progress presents a fresh exciting quest into the unknown. It is for “experienced” beginners for whom starting over has become something of a profession. It is for humbled beginners who realize that after much travel they need to retrace their steps and set out anew from square one. It is for curious beginners who for the first time are considering the spiritual life as something worthy of pursuit. It is even for embarrassed beginners, who realize they should probably be far ahead of where they find themselves. In short it is for anyone willing to take seriously Jesus’ words: “Unless you change and become as little children, you shall never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Adapted from the Introduction – no better way to say it…).

Table of Contents:

Ch 1: Redefining Success – Holiness and the Meaning of Life
Ch 2: True Love – The Heart of Christian Spirituality
Ch 3: WWJD? – What it Really Means to Follow Christ
Ch 4: The Road to Happiness – Reevaluating God’s Will
Ch 5: Talking with God – Prayer and Why it Matters
Ch 6: How to Pray – The Inner Dynamics of Christian Prayer
Ch 7: Where to Draw Water – The Sources of Christian Grace
Ch 8: You’ve Got a Friend – How Holy Spirit Can Make You a Saint
Ch 9: Honor Thy Mother – What Mary Has to Do with Christian Life
Ch 10: Becoming a Believer – Faith as a Gift of Choice
Ch 11: Discovering Your Best Self – True Humility in World of Vanity
Ch 12: Letting Go – Generosity as a Christian Virtue
Ch 13: Enemy at the Gates – A Dose of Christian Realism
Ch 14: Your Own Personal Trainer – Spiritual Direction & its Benefits
Ch 15: Drafting a Plan of Action – Usefulness of a Spiritual Program
Ch 16: Practicing and Preaching – Letting Others in on the Secret

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