Wednesday, January 7, 2009

- Daily Quick-Journal Example

If you are anything like me, you learn from clear examples. So, after a few interesting posts on the Linkedin "Catholic Spiritual Direction" group about journal writing (see the first post here as well), I thought I would add a practical example to the discussion. Today's gospel reading reveals the disciples in turmoil over a storm and Christ's supranatural stroll on the sea. This text coupled with one phrase in the epistle reading, "that we have confidence in the day of judgement" drew me to converse with God about walking in peace during the difficulties of life; having faith in Him who is calmly present, who loves us, who has provided for us the way of peace. God's message to me today was clear - "Be calm and at peace in the storm of life - He is with you." So, this is exactly what I wrote at the top of my daily "Time and Eternity" planner page. What next? Well, my goal will be to stay with this theme and the mental imagery of the gospel passage all day. How? By simply recalling the images and ideas that surfaced during meditation. At noon, I will do a quick examen of my morning against this goal, and the other commitments I have made. If I am off track - I will seek to find a moment to pray and regather myself. If I am on track - I will pray a prayer of thanksgiving and keep moving. When I retire this evening, I will review my entire day (during my nightly-prayer and examen) and talk with God about the outcomes. I will repent of my sins, and give thanks for His many blessings. It's just that simple.

May He be clearly present with you today and always.

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