Saturday, January 31, 2009

How can I submit a question to Father John?

Dear Friends,

Please read this entire post before submitting quesitons - thanks!

Father John, among many other duties, generously and joyously invests a portion of his busy schedule each week answering our questions about the spiritual life.  If you would like to submit a question on the spiritual life that you think others may also be struggling with, please feel free to do so to the following email address:

Please note that because of the need to be efficient in serving the number of readers and questions we receive, this address is the only way to submit questions for review.

Each week we compile the questions received and prioritize them based on how often they surface (among other criteria).  Here are a few important notes about the goal and limitations of our efforts: The goal is of this feature is to answer questions that are common to most or many people in their spiritual life - the questions we will answer and post will reflect the common struggles of our readers (i.e. distractions in prayer etc).  Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to answer specific personal questions that may only apply to you or to very few readers (i.e. should I take this or that job? etc.).  The other area where we have received questions that we lament that we do not have the capacity to answer are related to specific moral issues.  Though moral issues have a direct impact on our spiritual quest, this forum is not an effective means to tackle them.  The reason we ask you to ask questions is so that we can answer the questions 1) for the benefit of all of our readers, and 2) for your personal benefit. 

Thank you in advance for your questions and for helping us to serve you and His Kingdom!

Yours in Christ, Dan

PS:  As you might expect, because of schedule limitations, Father John will not be able to answer all the questions he receives.

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Dear Friends - If you wish to submit a question to Father John, please see the "How can submit a question" post for guidelines. Your comments and feedback are more than welcome!