Tuesday, February 3, 2009

- Inside the Passion Study Guide and Book Recommendation


This beautiful four week study guide will help take you deeper into the passion during Lent. It has four units of study, 1) Faith, 2) Hope, 3) Love, and 4) forgiveness. Place your order soon in order to get your books in time for Lent. When you purchase Catholic materials through this site you become part of our ministry to those seeking to move deeper into their faith!

Here's the only way to get the guide: If you purchase Inside the Passion from this blog, be sure to then email us at RCSpiritualDirection@gmail.com and let us know you purchased the book. We will then e-mail you the study guide in pdf format. Yes, this is the only way to get the guide.

Here's More about the Book:
Looking to go deeper into your faith this Lent? "Inside the Passion," coupled with Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" are profound ways to better understand Christ's suffering for us. I know few other ways to understand and experience Christ's love for me than this incredible work of art. Father Bartunek provides us with the only authorized explanation of the film. He accompanied Mel Gibson, "watching him work with the editors, composer, promotions team, and the press." He "asked him questions about the film that no one else asked, discovering reasons behind... the innumerable artistic choices that he was forced to make, choices that turned this small art house project into an international blockbuster."

If you are looking to go deeper this Lent, I recommend that you purchase this book, and read it during Lent with the intent of finishing it on the Thurdsay preceding Good Friday. Then, on Good Friday, watch the film. However, don't watch it as a movie. Watch it devotionally. Pray that God would reveal His profound love for you as you place yourself with Christ as He suffers and dies for you. I promise that your life and heart will never be the same.

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