Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Blog Feature - Weekly Meditations from Father John

For the regular followers of this blog you know that Father John answers questions and provides important insight into our spiritual development on a weekly basis.  To add to this already rich content, next week he will begin providing weekly meditations on Gospel readings from his book, "The Better Part - A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer." 

The publisher of "The Better Part," Circle Press, has graciously agreed to provide these readings for us.  They also have a variety of other excellent Catholic books and resources, including our favorite guide to the Rosary.

Many thanks to Circle Press as this is no small contribution considering Father Bartunek's book is still selling well and is in its third printing!

A Little More About the Mediation Posts:

Each meditation will consist of five parts: a passage from the Gospels, and a a four part commentary based on four themes.
  • Christ the Lord
  • Christ the Teacher
  • Christ the Friend
  • Christ in My Life
As a visual queue for each of these meditations, they will all have a small picture of the cover of the book - the same one as appears on this post.

Tens of thousands of people have been drawn deeper into Christ through this book - all of us behind this effort hope that you are deeply blessed by this new addition to the blog.

Yours In Christ, Dan


  1. Fabulous addition. I use this book myself daily and I love it.

  2. I'm really enjoying The Better Part - it has deepened my relationship in prayer with God and I've learned so much about his divine revelation as the meditations break open the scriptures so well. I haven't gotten in the routine of following the links back to the Catechism yet, but that's a fantastic resource as well. Thanks for the book.

    I note today that the book is out of stock at Amazon and the only used copy is priced at nearly $100! I hope that's an indication of its well-deserved success, and that the presses will be rolling to supply the demand.

  3. Rouxfus - hmm - I am checking into the Amazon issue. However, (strong hint coming) I don't think there are any issues purchasing from our book store here on the blog... If you purchase through us, the price is not always as competitive as Amazon but it does help us with this work a bit. Thanks for the encouragement and God bless!

  4. Rouxfus - I checked on the inventory issue - yes, we are out (as is Amazon). We are currently waiting to receive a large reprint order... good problem I guess - our apologies.


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