Friday, March 20, 2009

Your "Into the Deep" Stories

Your responses to the "What drove you into the deep" post were fascinating.  It is amazing how God never ceases to pursue us and is always ready to receive us back into his arms.  Regardless of our sin, obstinance, rejection, or wandering, He is always speaking, leading, prompting us back home.  Then, when we arrive, He reaches out beyond justice - to mercy - and welcomes us with the rejoicing of heaven.  Here's a recap - or at least my interpretation of the way He led you deeper into His grace.  

  • Beans in a garden - God's amazing creation - and His job description...
  • Motherhood...
  • John Paul II
  • A Car Crash - The brevity of life
  • Baptism - John - this is you
  • Death - loss - The brevity of life again
  • An arranged marriage - funny - I just talked with my friend from India yesterday and met his wife for the first time - arranged marriage too.  Amazing level of commitment and love!
  • The ever constant nudging of God
May we always listen for His voice - and keep moving, "into the deep."

In Christ, Dan

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  1. Isn't it peculiar how the divorce rate for couples who have an "arranged marriage" is virtually nonexistent? And that here in the states, we "marry for love" and have a sky-high divorce rate?

    A Muslim couple from Pakistan stayed with us for a while while their son was being evaluated for transplant. Theirs was an arranged marriage. The wife told me it took about a year to truly begin to love each other, but that they learned to love because they'd made a commitment to each other.

    Maybe we have something to learn from them, huh?


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