Friday, April 24, 2009

Great News - "The Better Part" is available again!

Many of you have really enjoyed the Wednesday posts of "The Better Part - A Christ Centered Resource for Personal Prayer" but have not been able to purchase the book.  Our recent poll shows that a good number of you own a copy and many others would like one.  For those who don't have one, right now you can get one on Amazon for $104.  I have a better idea! The publisher sent me a note that they now have the books in stock and offered our readers and friends a discount of 25% (retail is $35.95)! Use this offer code SPDIR409 and click here to purchase your very own copy.  At checkout, enter the offer code to get the discount.  

For our blogger friends and others who subscribe to the post feed, feel free to send this post along to anyone who might be interested   Also, if you would be so kind, please forward this post and offer to your friends.  If you don’t know how to forward this post, see these tips in the post, "How to Share This Blog..."

Who would benefit from The Better Part?  Anyone with a desire to move deeper in his or her prayer life, and to know Christ in more profound way.  I have never read a more helpful treatment of Meditation (the first part of the book), and the meditations (303 in all) are very insightful.  I have also never encountered a book that has so many devout fans.  Many use it daily for meditation (as it was designed) or for small study groups (there are guides at the end of each meditation for discussion). 

God bless you as you seek Him and help others to do the same.

In Christ, Dan


  1. an amazing book!! I borrowed (or should say "stole"!!) a copy from the Legionaries' library... it's the first book in years (apart from scripture) that really helps me pray everyday. RECCOMEND TO ALL!!
    stefano peca (Rome, Italy)

  2. I tried to purchase the book. The promo code doesn't update the price when you try to checkout. A message say offer not valid or expired. Any thoughts ?

  3. I like one in spanish please!

  4. Dear AMDG - I just checked it out and it worked. Give it another try - the code is SPDIR409


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