Saturday, August 22, 2009

Important Catholic Spiritual Direction Update

Dear Catholic Spiritual Direction subscribers, readers, and followers:

Well, this blog started out as an experiment this winter and wow - there are thousands of you out there all over the world! More important than the numbers is the constant stream of notes that we receive from our readers regarding the blessings they have encountered on this blog - Christ be praised!

Because of your response and continued readership, and our desire to better serve you, we have decided to move the site to a technology platform that provides more advanced management capabilities and that is more visible to the world through search engines.

The new site can be found here or you can copy and paste this URL into your browser:

The purpose for this post is to let you know that by the end of this week we plan to have the transition complete and we will no longer be providing posts here - instead, they will all appear on the new site. As well, we have some exciting things emerging with the site that we will share in the near future. That is all we can say for now - please keep us in your prayers.

Just so we don't miss you, for those of you who may have signed up recently to get our posts (in the past week), please go to the new site and sign up. Our technology transition is not likely to be perfect with respect to transferring your memberships.

In the mean time, enjoy, and never cease in your pursuit of Christ!

Seek Him - Find Him - Follow Him



  1. When I click on the link it says it does not exist.

  2. Dear Father,
    The link is not working for me :(

  3. Please check a link to your new site. You've made a typo in the link address.

    off: Sorry for might be an intrusive comment of mine.

  4. Sorry all - it should be fixed now!


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