Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thank You Notes

More "thanks" for "thanks" updates...

As a way to say “thanks” for your “thanks” we have created this post as a running record of your blessings to us.  We will update the post every so often.  Each note is followed by the post that generated the response.  If this blog has helped you in any tangible way in your life, please share with us!  Thank you!

I am enjoying this blog. This post is very helpful in giving us a guide on how to prepare for Lent. Thanks and God bless.  Colleen

How can I better prepare for Lent?

Fr. John,
Thanks for the guidance... I meet with a spiritual director about every six weeks. I must admit that I find myself not as prepared as needed. Your direction about is a good blueprint. I especially like item 2. 

How should I prepare for a meeting with my spiritual director?

This is beautiful. I have posted this on my blog with a link to your site.
Thank you, Fr. John!  Dawn

God's Desire for You

I use "The Better Part" every day. I wouldn't know Christ without it. I tried meditating from just the scriptures but I don't get nearly as much out of that as using this book to meditate on the scriptures.  Gwen

I have read this book almost every day for the past 6 months. LOVE IT!!! I miss it when I don't make time for it. It is a "must have" for anyone serious about reading the Bible regularly and understanding the deeper meaning history of the verses. Thank you Fr. Bartunek for giving me a machine gun in the spiritual battle instead of the plastic spoons I have been using. Patti

The Better Part - A Christ Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

Thank you for the great information. I have been thinking about spiritual direction for a while now. A friend and co-worker who is a religious sister is a Spiritual Director. I am considering her as a Spiritual Director, but I was struggling with what spiritual direction was and was not. Thank you for the clarification. Anonymous

Thank you for this blog. I meet many people who are searching for spiritual directors and do not know where to begin. One can say to pray to the Holy Spirit and surely this is an answer from the Holy Spirit. Knowing just what SD is will help many to recognize who God is sending them and how to respond to the call to make the most of the gift being given.  Sharon

Spiritual Direction.  What it is and what it is not…

This is a jewel of a site! I need this conduit right now...perfect timing! Thank you so much Fr. Bartunek for your Love and Service!!!  OneHeart57  

What is Prayer?  Part IV

Fabulous addition. I use this book myself daily and I love it. Miss Heather  

New Blog Feature – Weekly Meditations

This is very beautiful, and I feel I have learned something of value. Thank you and God bless.  Emil 

How do I prepare for mass?

Excellent information you have here; I've added "Catholic Spiritual Direction" to my blogroll. toknowthislove 

How can I go deeper in my faith?

Thank you very much for this clarification. Some of my friends are seeking Spiritual direction and I can help them with your explanation of the Program of Life.   Mags 

What is a program of life?

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