Thursday, February 12, 2009

Relevent Radio - "The Inner Life" Radio Program

On Friday February 13th, tune in to hear Father John on the Inner Life radio broadcast. The show is excellent and well worth the time. You can find more information about the show here:

If you miss the show or don't fall within their broadcast range, you can find the show archives here:  

Regardless of which priest is on the show, Chuck Neff and the Inner Life team do a fantastic job of helping us to deepen our relationship with Christ and his Church .  It is always worth the time to tune in.

Yours in Christ, Dan


  1. Hey Dan! What's the topic for the show? Do you know? Do you know if you can catch it streaming live via internet?

  2. Jo - I don't know the topic today. Check out the web links. You can get archived web audio after the show. If you have not yet listened to these - you will be blessed. Just follow the links.


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